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Terms & Conditions

Q. What do I need to sell my car?
A. You will need the V5 (log book). Current MOT certificate (if your car is less that 3 years old this does not apply). Any manuals and service records, Spare keys if available.

Q. How will I get paid when I agree to sell my car?
A. After the vehicle is checked and all the paperwork is in order you will receive payment at the same time as your vehicle is collected, or, you deliver it to a handover location. Payment will be by instant Direct Bank Transfer.

Q. I have finance on my car will you still buy it from me?
A. Yes we will. We can arrange to pay the finance company direct and then pay you the remainder. If you owe more than the current value of your car, you will have to pay the balance to either us or the finance company.

Q. The car is not in my name will you still buy it?
A. Possibly, depending on the circumstances. I.e. if the vehicle is in a company name or from a deceased estate then you may require written authority to dispose of the vehicle.

Q. Do you buy cars with personal/cherished number plates?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I take my personal number plate off the car?
A. Yes although it could slow down the process. The quickest way is to put your plate on retention.

Q. How long does it take to receive my free valuation?
A. In most cases we will respond within 24 hours, however, if we cannot do this we will let you know.

Q. How long does a valuation last?
A. Usually until the last week of the calendar month, but depending on market conditions values can change more frequently.

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